The SCADADroid is an alarm callout unit which can monitor a wide variety of control sensors and systems. Alarm conditions will send out notifications to users through either SMS, email, or voice calls. The SCADADroid has a relay output that can be used for a number of control or security applications. The relay is controlled through the web interface by users with appropriate credentials. 

The SCADADroid is configured entirely through an easy-to-use web interface. No software is needed. Changes to any parameter can be done while the unit is in operation, no restart or program/ database transfer is required. The web interface is compatible with all browsers. The SCADADroid requires an Ethernet cable to program. 

SCADADroid has 4 different options for cellular modems and can communicate over many different cell networks. The standard SIM card required for cellular connectivity should be from a carrier who has coverage in the desired monitoring location, or can be purchased from Reonix Automation. The SIM card is a standard mini 2FF size.