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SCADADroid® facilitates the viewing and collection of data remotely, as well as device controls and alarm notifications. Remote programming and troubleshooting of PLCs is  possible, potentially eliminating travel time for enhancements, diagnostics and correction of programming issues.

SCADADroid® Dashboard is an IoT platform available for Windows, iPhone, Android and on most web-browsers. Acting as a lightweight portal, it can connect to existing SCADA systems, local networks and SCADADroid® alarm dialers.


Security Integrations





MQTT Messaging for SCADADroid Dashboard

MQTT Integration

    • MQTT's TCP middleware allows for MQTT integration with Modbus
    • Last known values preservation guarantees the survival of critical data in the case of connection failure
    • MQTT is encrypted via the message broker and does not need a VPN to operate securely
    • Real values instead of percentages displayed through Modbus-driver tag upgrades; ideal for agriculture and wastewater
    • App Interface programs for streamlined MQTT-smartphone monitoring
    • Cloud-Based Broker service available for low monthly fees, or set up a third-party broker on the web browser configuration pag

SCADADroid® as a Gateway

SCADADroid® alarm dialers can act as a gateway to the local network, allowing access to PLCs, HMIs, RTUs and as a redundant backup for SCADA systems. Utilizing VPN security and MQTT messaging, SCADADroid® R2+ and R2A+ are data efficient, secure and effective.

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SCADADroid® Modbus Configuration – Modbus Write

  • SCADADroid® Modbus Configuration – Setting Up Modbus

  • SCADADroid® Smartphone App – Using the app

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  • SCADADroid® MQTT Setup – Adding MQTT Broker

  • SCADADroid® MQTT Setup – MQTT Publish

  • SCADADroid® Remote Access VPN – Accessing HMI

  • SCADADroid® Remote Access VPN – Setting up VPN

  • SCADADroid® Remote Access VPN – Port Forwarding

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Android L2TP Setup

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Windows 10 L2TP/IPsec Setup

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Windows 7 L2TP/IPsec Setup

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Accessing HMI

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Periodic Notifications

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Modbus Write

  • SCADADroid® Setup – MQTT Publish

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Configuring Reports

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Adding Tags

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Adding MQTT Broker

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Set up MODBUS

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Install License

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Digital Input Configuration

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Adding Contacts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Work Shifts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Testing Alerts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Set up Email Accounts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Set up VPN

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Port Forwarding

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Setting up Internet Route

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Connecting to ScadaDroid

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