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Data Analytics / Scheduled Reporting


Access Data Analytics from all Devices


Custom Reports and Schedules

Custom Data Reporting

SCADADroid® features an automated data reporting function, as well as real-time data monitoring. Through the simple web browser configuration, an administrative user can set triggers based off timers or value changes to email a report to selected SCADADroid®contacts. These interruption-proof data points are emailed as scheduled in CSV, JSON, or PDF format.


  • Publishing to PDF, JSON, and CSV format
  • Receive daily, monthly and day-of-week reports via email
  • Triggers based off timers or value changes
  • Tags can be configured to MQTT Sparkplug B protocol instead of Modbus
  • Last known values in the case of connection failure
  • Android, iOS and web-browser apps
  • Data logging of all analog, digital and Modbus inputs
  • Download and view min/max, average and totals for data points
  • Custom math functions in Events for incoming data points
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Looking for Manuals and Technical Data?

Reporting and Tag Math Screenshots

Create Data Reports via Web Browser

Tags: Specify analog, digital, Modbus or internal tags to poll for data reporting

Specify interval, period and day: Reporting can be specified for a day of month, day of week, or on a daily basis. Customize time of day to send a report and frequency.

Contacts: Specify contacts to receive JSON, PDF or CSV versions of reports

Real-Time Analytics

SCADADroid® also features a lightweight app and browser-based IoT platform that allows users to monitor all SCADADroid® device data on one centralized platform.


This secure application allows monitoring and changing data, status and alarm variables from multiple SCADADroid® units.


Utilizing MQTT messaging protocol, this monitoring system is fast and efficient.

cloud SCADA alarms
dashboard data historian

Data Historian

View real-time data for analog values from Modbus, SCADA systems and hardwired inputs

View and download daily min/max, average and totals data history

Want to Try a Demo of SCADADroid Dashboard?

SCADADroid® Setup – Connecting to ScadaDroid

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