SCADADroid Reporting

SCADADroid® now has an automated data reporting function. Through the simple and straightforward web browser configuration, an administrative user can efficiently program timers or value changes in tagged measurement values (triggers of your choice) to email a report to selected SCADADroid® contacts. Set the unit to log data points automatically as required, and convert them to a selected format.


The SCADADroid® then emails you a report of these interruption-proof data points as scheduled in CSV, JSON, or PDF format. Tagged values on a pump, sensor, or other instruments now display real values thanks to Modbus driver improvements, and these detailed reports give you the actionable results needed for on-site or remote access response.


The automated reporting function works through an events licence, complimentary with the purchase of a SCADADroid® unit. With the event's licence installed and triggers systematically programmed on our simple web-interface – a supervisor-level user can automate documentation on virtually any process!


What's New:

  • Publishing to PDF, JSON, and CSV formats
  • 2 continuous analog inputs, along with existing 8 discrete digital inputs
  • Receive daily reports via email
  • Choose your monitoring and report intervals
  • Modbus driver upgrade: Tags corresponding to Alarm Callouts and Events can be pinned for easy reference
  • Reporting of any tag (Modbus, MQTT, input, or analog) – on a scheduled basis, or on a change in target values
  • Real values instead of percentages displayed through Modbus driver tag upgrades
  • Tags can be configured to MQTT protocol instead of Modbus, for a more data-rationed approach
  • Last known values guarantee the survival of critical data in the case of connection failure
  • App Interface programs for streamlined reporting

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