Fortinet Firewall and SCADADroid

Fortinet® Firewall and SCADADroid® A client of Reonix Automation successfully integrated over 20 SCADADroid® R2+ alarm dialers with Fortinet® firewall devices. This Fortinet® addition will protect the network of client SCADADroid®s and an existing SCADA system. This is an exciting development for SCADADroid®, as it adds to our growing list of easily integrated software. SCADADroid® …

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SCADADroid Integration with Allen-Bradley

Objective Integration of Allen-Bradley® PLC communications with alarm dialers previously required specific software and/or hardware converters, but by assigning the CompactLogix™ or ControlLogix® PLC a Modbus client, the SCADADroid® alarm dialer can read messages easily using the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. Solution Programming the CompactLogix™/ControlLogix® PLC as a Modbus TCP client within Allen-Bradley® RSLogix 5000®. Refer …

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Agriculture Case Study

SCADADroid® with MQTT- Providing Peace of Mind for Alberta’s Farmers Reonix Automation Inc. set about automating an Alberta farmers’ grain dryer. One of the core requirements of the application was providing a more hands-off approach, by relaying some of the crucial data straight to the customer’s hands. We were able to do just that… Through the use of a SCADADroid® Android ® application, and MQTT …

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