SCADADroid Integration with Gmail

Objective Sending and receiving notifications with SCADADroid® using a Gmail™ email account requires settings to be set within the SCADADroid® software. This article will outline the steps required to setup Gmail™ email settings within SCADADroid® software. Quick Directions Create a new Gmail™ email account Go to Manage Your Google™ Account (see screenshot below) On the …

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MQTT for the Municipal Industry

While many larger municipalities have full blown SCADA systems monitoring their larger sites, there are many smaller sites and many smaller municipalities of under 1000 people that cannot justify or afford the cost of a SCADA system with an HMI computer, radios, and communications infrastructure. MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) has opened a whole new …

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Fortinet Firewall and SCADADroid

Fortinet® Firewall and SCADADroid® A client of Reonix Automation successfully integrated over 20 SCADADroid® R2+ alarm dialers with Fortinet® firewall devices. This Fortinet® addition will protect the network of client SCADADroid®s and an existing SCADA system. This is an exciting development for SCADADroid®, as it adds to our growing list of easily integrated software. SCADADroid® …

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SCADADroid Integration with Allen-Bradley

Objective Integration of Allen-Bradley® PLC communications with alarm dialers previously required specific software and/or hardware converters, but by assigning the CompactLogix™ or ControlLogix® PLC a Modbus client, the SCADADroid® alarm dialer can read messages easily using the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. Solution Programming the CompactLogix™/ControlLogix® PLC as a Modbus TCP client within Allen-Bradley® RSLogix 5000®. Refer …

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Agriculture Case Study

SCADADroid® with MQTT- Providing Peace of Mind for Alberta’s Farmers Reonix Automation Inc. set about automating an Alberta farmers’ grain dryer. One of the core requirements of the application was providing a more hands-off approach, by relaying some of the crucial data straight to the customer’s hands. We were able to do just that… Through the use of a SCADADroid® Android ® application, and MQTT …

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SCADADroid® Setup – Connecting to ScadaDroid

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