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Utilize Your Existing Database to get SMS Alarms, direct to your Operators

With network upgrades happening all over the world as we begin to prepare for the inevitable switchover to a 5G infrastructure, many cellular providers are starting phase-outs of their existing 3G technology. With Verizon already announcing the end of its 3G service at the end of 2019, this has left many ClearSCADA users in need of cellular callout options scrambling to find something to fill the upgrade gap. A variety of LTE capable solutions exist, but many require a duplication of databases and may require expensive software or costly time spent on training operators to implement. The issue can be compounded when solutions may not work with your existing IT or cellular provider infrastructure, adding layers of complexity.We have heard your feedback, and today are happy to announce that Reonix Automation has introduced capability into its new SCADADroid® R2+ line of 4G LTE capable remote monitoring devices to provide a reliable GSM Modem solution for ClearSCADA. Through a simple Ethernet connection, utilizing the TCP protocol, the SCADADroid R2+ can be configured to act as an SMS Pager over ClearSCADA’s built-in SMS Service, giving you the capability to…
  • Utilize your existing ClearSCADA database of alarms, users and setpoints to get notifications out to a multitude of operators’ devices without the need to manage a separate system
  • Acknowledge alarms with user-specific codes, only if you choose to enable two-way communication
  • Have peace of mind through SCADADroid®’s built-in communication overview, providing you with a secondary point to see all communication history for each device

The SCADADroid® R2+ can do this all while retaining its many robust monitoring features. Meaning you can still utilize Modbus TCP/IP communications to tie directly to a PLC or simply use the device’s on-board 8 digital inputs for any supplementary site-specific alarms. This, combined with SCADADroid®’s VPN Gateway capability give you the ability to change any SCADADroid® settings, or even provide secure access to other devices connected to it, remotely from the comfort of your office.

The entire setup of the integration can take as little as 15 minutes. It consists of:
  • SCADADroid R2+ SetupConnect the device to a local computer, log in through any major browser to the default IP Address (
  • On the Overview page, ensure cellular connectivity exists and the signal is sufficient
  • Change the device’s IP to one which aligns or doesn’t conflict with your existing network
  • ClearSCADA Setup (in your existing database)
    • Create a new SMS Service: Right Click > Create New > Pager > SMS Service
    • Enable the Service: Click once on the new SMS Service and under the SMS Service Tab > Enable the ‘In Service’ checkbox > Enable the ‘Process Incoming SMS Messages’ checkbox> Click save icon in top left corner
    • Create a new SMS Pager Channel: Right Click > Create New > Pager > SMS Pager Channel
    • Link SMS Pager Channel to the created SMS Service under the: Click once on the new SMS Service and under the Channel Tab > Enable the ‘In Service’ checkbox > Click the ‘…’ button next to Pager Service, locate the SMS Service which you created in Step 1. and highlight it > Click OK > From ‘Line Speed’ select 115200 Bits/second > Change Modem Command to read “AT” > Click the save icon in the top left corner
    • Change the connection type: Under the Connection Tab > Change Connection Type to TCP/IP > Under Host Address input the SCADADroid R2+ IP Address which you established in Step 3 of the SCADADroid Setup > Change the Port to 2002 > click the save icon in the top left corner of the screen.
    • Enable the SMS Service as a mode of notification for your contacts: Locate a user > Click once on the user > Under the Contact Information Tab ensure that the user’s phone number is present under ‘Pager ID’ > Click the ‘…’ button next to Pager Service, locate the SMS Service which you created in Step 1. and highlight it > Click OK > Enable the ‘SMS Commands’ checkbox

A helpful way to view the implementation is with the help of the  ClearSCADA specific video on Reonix Automation’s YouTube channel.

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SCADADroid® Setup – Connecting to ScadaDroid

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