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Manuals & Guides

To use our products effectively, it is important that you have the necessary product information. You can download user guides, datasheets, setup manuals, quick start guides, smartphone apps, engineering drawings, feature sheets and more for SCADADroid® products.

User Manual

Find user manuals for all our products to help you simplify your setup and maintenance process. 

Quick Start Guide

Get your products set up and configured quickly with our quick start guides. These guides can help you rapidly integrate our products into your application.

Data/Spec Sheets

Search for technical specification information on our products. These datasheets can help you find all the information.

Feature Sheets

Find all in our catalogue detailed information on all the features that SCADADroid® products offer.

Product Drawings

Get a visual representation of the physical connections and layout of the electrical and mechanical systems of SCADADroid® products.




SCADADroid Smartphone App


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SCADADroid® Modbus Configuration – Modbus Write

  • SCADADroid® Modbus Configuration – Setting Up Modbus

  • SCADADroid® Smartphone App – Using the app

  • SCADADroid® Smartphone App – App overview

  • SCADADroid® MQTT Setup – Adding MQTT Broker

  • SCADADroid® MQTT Setup – MQTT Publish

  • SCADADroid® Remote Access VPN – Accessing HMI

  • SCADADroid® Remote Access VPN – Setting up VPN

  • SCADADroid® Remote Access VPN – Port Forwarding

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Android L2TP Setup

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Windows 10 L2TP/IPsec Setup

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Windows 7 L2TP/IPsec Setup

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Accessing HMI

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Periodic Notifications

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Modbus Write

  • SCADADroid® Setup – MQTT Publish

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Configuring Reports

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Adding Tags

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Adding MQTT Broker

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Set up MODBUS

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Install License

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Digital Input Configuration

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Adding Contacts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Work Shifts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Testing Alerts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Set up Email Accounts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Set up VPN

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Port Forwarding

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Setting up Internet Route

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Connecting to ScadaDroid

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