Fortinet® Firewall and SCADADroid®

A client of Reonix Automation successfully integrated over 20 SCADADroid® R2+ alarm dialers with Fortinet® firewall devices. This Fortinet® addition will protect the network of client SCADADroid®s and an existing SCADA system. This is an exciting development for SCADADroid®, as it adds to our growing list of easily integrated software. SCADADroid® comes equipped with embedded security protocol capabilities (MQTT, VPN, IPsec). By incorporating firewall software such as Fortinet®, this ensures that the SCADA system and overall network are secure from unsolicited users. Testing has begun on incorporating Fortinet® Firewall directly into SCADADroid® firmware. Select clients are involved in the secondary stages of this testing, and this feature will soon be available for purchase.


Why Are Firewalls Useful?

Firewalls block external threats by monitoring and regulating incoming/outgoing traffic. This ensures that your operations continue to run smoothly and without interruption.  Besides sensitive information and processes being hijacked by nefarious users, these users can eat up data and bandwidth which slows overall communications and costs money. SCADADroid® is secure on its own with MQTT and VPN protocols, however, integration with the security of SCADA systems and firewalls is a key component to network security.

How Does the Secure Network Function?

SCADADroid® R2+ alarm dialer/remote Access gateways are connected to the end point devices on location. These devices can include sensors, pumps, motors, PLCs, HMIs, or any device that utilizes hardwired inputs or Modbus TCP. From here, the SCADADroid® relays information via Internet, cellular network or Modbus TCP on a secure VPN tunnel. With Fortinet®, the data will be filtered through the firewall security protocols and relayed to the existing SCADA system for client access. This multisystem security network utilizes all the most up-to-date security protocols for system safe keeping.


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SCADADroid® Setup – Connecting to ScadaDroid

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