SCADADroid Integration with Allen-Bradley


Integration of Allen-Bradley® PLC communications with alarm dialers previously required specific software and/or hardware converters, but by assigning the CompactLogix™ or ControlLogix® PLC a Modbus client, the SCADADroid® alarm dialer can read messages easily using the Modbus TCP/IP protocol.


Programming the CompactLogix™/ControlLogix® PLC as a Modbus TCP client within Allen-Bradley® RSLogix 5000®. Refer to Rockwell Automation® website for sample programming code.

Alternate Solution: Another option is to use the connected HMI/OIT as a Modbus client and use the SCADADroid® to poll data from the HMI/OIT

Hardware requirements

ControlLogix®/CompactLogix™ PLC with an Ethernet port and a SCADADroid® alarm callout unit. Refer to Rockwell Automation® website for a complete list of compatible PLCs.

Memory requirements

Up to 300 KB of data and logic memory is required in the PLC, so be sure to confirm within RSLogix 5000® that there is adequate space for the ladder logic programming. The settings for this can be found in the controller properties “memory” tab.


Refer to Rockwell Automation® website for sample programming code.

The MSG path must be set to 1, 0 (ControlLogix® will be 1, the slot # of the Ethernet module) per Rockwell Automation® tech note 470690 – Socket Communication in ControlLogix® and CompactLogix™

For CompactLogix™ controllers The MSG must be Unconnected so the Connected check box must be cleared per Rockwell Automation ® tech note 530345 – CompactLogix™ 5370: Error Code 16#0001 with Extended Error Code 16#0000_0318 or 16#0001_0103


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SCADADroid® Setup – Connecting to ScadaDroid

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