Industrial Alarm Dialer/Callout

Alarm Dialer


User-friendly and easy to install, our SCADADroid® alarm dialer products and remote access suite of solutions are designed to connect you to the IoT. 

SCADADroid® Alarm Dialer Products

Real-time monitoring, alerts, analytics, and control in a single platform

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Maximize Efficiency

Collect and visualize real-time data from all of your assets. Notifications with Text, Email, and Voice. Unlimited phone/address book.


Gain Complete Visibility & Control

Identify, diagnose, and resolve issues in real-time to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency


Compact & Secure

All Internet connectivity secured MQTT and VPN protocols, with a growing list of easily integrated software...

For All Your Remote Data Needs

SCADADroid Portal

SCADADroid® Dashboard

A next-generation app that can be used across multiple platforms (Windows, Android, Apple iOS apps and most web browsers). Featuring enhanced security and ease of use when compared to the limitations of traditional cloud-based SCADA or simple phone apps.

Industrial Alarm Dialer/Callout

SCADADroid® R2+ & R2A+

A compact 3-in-1 unit that features multiple communication protocols and a built-in cellular modem. Utilizing up-to-date technology, this remote access/data logging alarm dialer delivers with speed and reliability. Four different models are available to suit industry demands.

Antenna kit accessories cable Surge Protection

SCADADroid® Accessories

Additional options to make installation and user experience even more simple. From antenna kits, mounting options, automated voice, multiple cell modems, and Modbus additions, we’re here to help make SCADADroid work for you.

VPN, MQTT, protocol, plan, services, cellular, security

Reonix Hosted Services

Service plans to keep your units up and running. Our products are integration-friendly with many service providers in North America, however, we offer in-house cellular service plans, private VPN hosting and MQTT broker services to simplify your purchasing.

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SCADADroid® Setup – Connecting to ScadaDroid

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