SCADADroid® Dashboard

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SCADADroid® Dashboard

Live Monitoring, Reliable & Secured

A lightweight app and browser-based IoT platform that allows users to monitor all SCADADroid device data on one centralized platform, with the ability to subscribe to Reonix's own cloud-based MQTT server or a third-party server. This secure application allows monitoring and changing the data, status and alarm variables from multiple SCADADroid units.

  • View data from all SCADADroid® locations on Windows, Android and iOS apps and most web browsers
  • Comprehensive data logging of all analog, digital and Modbus inputs
  • View a real-time map of all your locations with colour-coded statuses
  • Download and view min/max, average and totals for data points
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Live Interactive Map

View an interactive map of SCADADroid locations with a brief summary of the location's status and conditions

Control device status: Location pin changes colour depending on the status of the station (Red = Alarm, Yellow = Ack, Grey = Normal)

Device Data: Click on the station to visit the overview page for that location to view in-depth data and history


Alarms and Notifications

View specific data for each SCADADroid location including alarms, notifications and cell modem information

Analog data from Modbus devices, existing SCADA systems and/or analog inputs are displayed here

Acknowledged, cleared and view active alarms displayed, with timestamps and operator information.

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dashboard data historian

Data Historian

View real-time data for analog values from Modbus, SCADA systems and hardwired inputs

View and download daily min/max, average and totals data history

Want to Try a Demo of SCADADroid Dashboard?

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