Sending text alerts without a cell modem

It is possible to use an Ethernet to send text through email, without a cell modem. Each cellular service provider has an email format in order to send an email that will text a mobile phone. These text messages would be a one-way communication (Do not reply), therefore acknowledging these alarms through text would not be possible. In order to circumvent this, the user can send two emails from the SCADADroid, one to the email-to-text address, and one to an email address that can be acknowledged once the user receives the text alert.Setting up email-to-text

Each major carrier in North America has a different configuration for sending text messages through email, so check with your provider to see which will work for you. Below are examples from some major carriers:

  • Verizon: (source)
    • example
  • AT&T: (source)
    • example:
  • Bell: (source)
    • example:
  • Rogers: (source)
    • example:
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