Our greatest strength is our customer service. We offer a multitude of services to make integration easy, and to provide ongoing support to ensure that your system runs smoothly.

We offer MQTT broker service, private secure VPN hosting, cellular data plans, and engineering & design services to complement your hardware and software implementations. Your one-stop-shop for remote access, data reporting, and alarm notifications.

Supporting Your Remote Applications

MQTT Broker Services

MQTT is a communication protocol that triggers a publish/subscribe function that reduces cellular data usage, allowing for reliable alarm notifications that are data efficient. Allow Reonix to host these services for you or use a third-party broker.

Private VPN Hosting

SCADADroid® utilizes secure TLS/SSL VPN to facilitate remote access to the local network of HMIs, PLCs, RTUs and existing SCADA systems. For a nominal monthly fee, Reonix Automation will provide a private, secure VPN network.

Cellular Data Plans

With telecommunications partners across North America, we can provide you with a low-cost data plan to support your alarm notifications voice/text/data needs. These cellular plans are only available in conjunction with SCADADroid® products.

Engineering & Design

Our primary experience is in programming and engineering, so we are excited to find new challenges and solutions. Contact us with your application needs and we can work together to create a solution.

Need Help With Easier Industrial Solutions? We Are Experts!

SCADADroid® Setup – Connecting to ScadaDroid

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