Cellular Data Plans

SCADADroid R2+ and R2A+ alarm dialers are equipped with one of three cellular modems that require a standard type 2FF SIM card to function. While compatible with most North American cell providers, Reonix Automation offers monthly cellular data plans with purchase or lease of SCADADroid alarm dialers.

Cellular data plans include:

    • 1.5GB data/month*
    • 50 SMS texts/month*
    • 50 minutes/month*

Cellular Modem Modules

Cell modem options available for SCADADroid R2+ and R2A+ include:


    • 3G Bands –B5(850), B2(1900) MHz
    • 4GBands -B12/13(700), B5(850), B4(AWS1700),B2(1900) MHz03

    LTE Verizon Specific

      • GSM Bands –850,1900 MHz
      • 3G Bands –B5(850), B2(1900) MHz
      • 4GBands -B17(700), B5(850), B4(1700),B2(1900) MHz04

      LTE with VoLTE

        • UMTS/HSPA+Bands: B5(850), B4(1700), B2(1900) MHz
        • LTE Bands –B71(600), B66(AWS-3), B12/B13/B14(700), B5(850), B4(1700), B2(1900) MHz
*specifications subject to change

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