Engineering & Design

Don’t see a solution you’re looking for?

We can work with you to find a solution. Our primary experience is in programming and engineering, so we are excited to find new

solutions and applications.


Feeling overwhelmed trying to integrate your operations with technology?

Give us a call or shoot us an email. Our technicians are more than happy to talk about your applications and find out how we can help. If it’s beyond our capabilities, we have many trusted partners in industry that we can direct you towards.

Reonix Automation has decades of experience in the automation industry, servicing oil & gas, water & wastewater, agriculture, and industrial applications. Our services include:

  • Application Development
  • Programming and Configuring
  • Field Deployment
  • Training and Consultancy
  • Technical Support
  • Post-Installation Services


Need help getting your system setup?

We’re able to provide remote support or visit your site to perform setup, configuration, and training if needed. We are pleased to offer several services complementing your alarm callout system:

  • MQTT Broker hosting service
  • VPN hosting service
  • Cellular data plans

Need Help With Easier Industrial Solutions? We Are Experts!

SCADADroid® Modbus Configuration – Modbus Write

  • SCADADroid® Modbus Configuration – Setting Up Modbus

  • SCADADroid® Smartphone App – Using the app

  • SCADADroid® Smartphone App – App overview

  • SCADADroid® MQTT Setup – Adding MQTT Broker

  • SCADADroid® MQTT Setup – MQTT Publish

  • SCADADroid® Remote Access VPN – Accessing HMI

  • SCADADroid® Remote Access VPN – Setting up VPN

  • SCADADroid® Remote Access VPN – Port Forwarding

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Android L2TP Setup

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Windows 10 L2TP/IPsec Setup

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Windows 7 L2TP/IPsec Setup

  • SCADADroid® L2TP/IPsec Setup – Accessing HMI

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Periodic Notifications

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Modbus Write

  • SCADADroid® Setup – MQTT Publish

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Configuring Reports

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Adding Tags

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Adding MQTT Broker

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Set up MODBUS

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Install License

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Digital Input Configuration

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Adding Contacts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Work Shifts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Testing Alerts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Set up Email Accounts

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Set up VPN

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Port Forwarding

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Setting up Internet Route

  • SCADADroid® Setup – Connecting to ScadaDroid

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