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SCADADroid Firmware Updates

SCADADroid is now on it's fourth generation of hardware design since it's inception. Below is the latest firmware download and instructions on how to upgrade legacy systems.

Firmware Version 2.2.0xx

Version 2.2.0x has significant improvements and is required for LTE modem use.   The current firmware is 2.2.010Y.  10Y adds:

  1. New User accessible ReST API
  2. New tag type totalizer for tracking daily and monthly totals
  3. Tag trigger field now publishes to MQTT on change of value
  • Premium voice quality

  • Cellular connection and reconnection optimization

  • Tags (math tags are added)

  • Sparkplug B implementation of MQTT

  • Enhanced system stability

Please enter a valid email to receive the link to download the latest SCADADroid Firmware.  The file is a .tar.gz format.


Older Firmware and Hardware versions

To take advantage of the new LTE modems, firmware version is required.

  • Firmware version can easily be upgraded to firmware with a Firmware upgrade kit consisting of 2 new SD cards specifically formatted for the new firmware.

  • Firmware versions and older require an updated hardware kit as well as the firmware upgrade kit.

Should you be interested in upgrading your SCADADroid please email  Please include the serial number of the SCADADroid(s) along with a name and phone number we can contact you at.

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