SCADADroid VPN server tutorial

There are 3 different options for accessing SCADADroid units and the network behind them (PLCs, RTUs etc.). Port forwarding, private VPN servers and a Reonix hosted VPN server. Below are step-by-step guides and instructional videos on how to implement these solutions.

1. Port Forwarding

  1. With your computer connected to the SCADADroid unit, open a web browser and type the IP address of your SCADADroid (default IP is
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Under Cellular Settings copy the IP address and paste it into a new browser tab to test if you can connect to the unit from the internet, and then close that tab
  4. Click Settings under System tab
    • Scroll to Internet Connection and for Preferred Connection select “Cell”
      • For “Use this device as a network gateway” select “Yes”
      • Click Save
    • Scroll to the Port Forwarding Table and click “Add Port”
      • Fill in the fields for the external port you wish to forward, “Target IP” will be the IP address of the SCADADroid unit
  5. Click on the Overview tab
    • Click “Reconnect” Next to Data Status under “Cellular Settings”
    • Next to “Cellular Settings” title, “Default Internet Route” should appear)

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2. Host Your Own VPN Server

  1. Download SoftEther VPN Server software
    • Select Software: SoftEther VPN (Freeware)
    • Select Component: SoftEther VPN Server
    • Select Platform: Choose your operating system
    • Select CPU: Choose your computer’s CPU
    • A list of file installation will appear, choose SoftEther VPN Server and SoftEther VPN, most recent version
  2. Install the file
    • When prompted to “Select Software Components to install” choose “SoftEther VPN Server”
    • Choose “Launch SoftEther VPN Server”
  3. Setting up SoftEther VPN Server
    • Enter a new username and password when prompted
    • When “SoftEther VPN Server/Bridge Easy Setup” window opens, click “Close”
    • When prompted “Do you want to setup the IPSec?”, select “Yes”
    • When “IPSec/L2TP/EtherIP/L2TPv3 Server Settings” window opens, click “Cancel”
    • "Manage VPN Server ‘localhost” window
      • Select “DEFAULT” under “Virtual Hub name” and click Delete
      • Click “Create Virtual Hub”
        • Enter Hub Name, Admin password and confirm password, Click OK
        • Select your new Virtual hub and click Manage Virtual Hub, then click Manage Users
          • Click Create New User, enter a username and password and click ok
          • Click Exit and Exit again
        • Click OpenVPN/MS-SSTP Setting
          • Click “Generate a Sample Configuration File for Open VPN Clients”
            • Save the File and Open it
            • Move the OVPN File with the extension “site_to_site” to DesktopYou will need to have a static IP or setup a DNS with your external IP (we use
  • You will need to have a static IP or setup a DNS with your external IP (we use
  • You will need to add 4 port forwarding rules to either your internet router or SCADADroid that you are using as a router (see image below)
    • The target IP is the static IP of the server
  • Open OPVN file on desktop with Notepad
    • Find the section for “The destination hostname / IP address, and locate the destination hostname line (ex. “remote 1194”) and enter the DNS hostname you obtained in the previous step (ex. remote DNSHOST 1194”)
    • Find the line “auth-user-pass” and change to “auth-user-pass “etc/openvpn/auth”
    • Below this line include the following lines for bridge configuration:

up “/etc/openvpn/

down “/etc/openvpn/”

script-security 2


  • Save and close the file
  • Open your web browser and enter the IP address of your SCADADroid (default is
    • Under System > Settings tab, scroll to the VPN configuration file box and upload the OPVPN file from your desktop
      • Enter your username and password in the VPN configuration box and click Save
      • Click Enable next to VPN status and below the VPN configuration file box

3. Reonix Hosted VPN Server

Reonix Automation offers hosted VPN services for a nominal monthly fee. For more information or a quote contact us.


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